SKTD brush magnetic pump

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u   ball bearing / Brush Motor / Motor protection class IP67
u   apply -40 ~ 100 ℃ of liquid
u   Ambient temperature -40 ~ 70 ℃
u   Cooling structure u magnetic drive, pump head and the motor, the motor part of the metal casing, built-in thermal overload protection, longer life
u   universal mounting bracket for easy installation, can be mounted horizontally or vertically
u   imported vehicle
Product parameters:
u   flow: with 20mm diameter nozzle, at a flow rate of 1m head 50 L / min
                    With 38mm diameter nozzle, at a flow rate of 1m lift 100 L / min
u   Liquid: water and glycol mixture, up to 60% ethylene glycol
u   Motor input power: maximum 125W
u   motor life: more than from 5,000H, 10,000 times a stop, the motor can be replaced
u   Operating voltage: 13.6V motor can be used for calibration between 10V-16V, 27.2V motor can be calibrated in use between 20V-32V
u   pumps run dry: 30min
u   Pump Weight: 3.0Kg (with stand), 2.8Kg (without stand)


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